Seven Strange Manager Changes in Tigers History

By Nathan Bierma at Vintage Detroit:

1903: Win Mercer commits suicide

Win Mercer was a dashing 28-year-old pitcher for the Tigers in 1902. Read more

1926: Ty Cobb ousted by Ban Johnson

After six seasons as player-manager of the Tigers, Ty Cobb announced his retirement from baseball in November of 1926. Soon it emerged that … Read more

1933: Tigers choose Mickey Cochrane over Babe Ruth

When Babe Ruth asked to manage the Yankees, owner Jacob Ruppert reportedly replied … Read more

1960: Tigers and Indians trade managers

Cleveland general manager Frank “Trader” Lane would trade anything … Read more

1966: Charlie Dressen dies of a heart attack

Best known as the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers team that surrendered the “Shot Heard Around The World” to the Giants … Read more

1973: Billy Martin fired for bragging about spitballs

When you hired Billy Martin as your manager you could count on two things: he would get the most out of your team, and he would give you headaches. Read more

1979: Sparky Anderson chooses Tigers over the Cubs

Les Moss was two months into his first season at the helm … Read more


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