Required Reading: Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Charlie Gehringer

By Dan Holmes for Vintage Detroit:

Fowlerville, Michigan is a small farming community about 60 miles west of Detroit. It’s always been a small town, from its incorporation in the 1870s to the most recent census which shows a total of about 2,800 residents. But Fowlerville did produce the greatest ballplayer to ever be born in Michigan: Charlie Gehringer.

Gehringer starred for the Detroit Tigers from 1924 to 1942, eventually earning election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He earned a reputation as one of the most polite, modest, and consistent players of his era. More than 70 years after his last baseball game, there are many who have forgotten about Gehringer. Even those who know he rates as the best second baseman in Detroit history, and one of the best in baseball history overall, may not know much about Gehringer. Here are nine facts you probably didn’t know about baseball legend Charlie Gehringer.

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