Player of the Week: Grover Lowdermilk

From the SABR Bio Project:

In his first year of professional baseball, right-hander Grover Lowdermilk set a record that has stood for more than a century: His 465 strikeouts for two minor-league teams are the most in a season by any pitcher at the 60-foot 6-inch distance. Named after one president and toiling in the shadow of another pitcher named after the same president, Grover Cleveland “Slim” Lowdermilk had a career that spanned the second half of the Deadball Era. From 1909 to 1920 Lowdermilk was an adequate pitcher with occasional flashes of steadiness for six different teams. He closed out his major-league career as one of the “clean” Chicago White Sox players who weren’t involved with the tainted 1919 World Series.

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