Previously Unknown 1916 Tango Eggs Ty Cobb Card Heading to Auction

From Sports Collectors Daily:

Flip through any auction catalog these days, and you’ll notice no shortage of 1910-era Ty Cobb cards available for sale at any given time, but one card hitting the block later this month is sure to garner some extra special attention. The story behind it will also answer a question that has been stumping collectors for nearly 30 years while also pouring some fuel on the fire for scholars looking to unlock the mystery of one of the era’s most enigmatic sets.

Robert Edward Auctions will offer in its summer auction starting July 26 a 1916 Tango Eggs Ty Cobb graded GOOD 2 by PSA. Of special note is that the offered card features Cobb in a batting pose, making this card a previously uncataloged pose variation from this set.

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