Charlie Maxwell

Required Reading: How Tigers’ Charlie Maxwell became ‘Sunday Charlie,’ One Sabbath Blast at a Time

During his career, Maxwell hit 40 of his 148 homers — or 27% — on Sunday. “There are unusual things that happen in baseball and I guess my Sunday homers are one of them,” says Maxwell, 92, from his home on Maple Lake in Paw Paw, where he lives with his wife Ann.  Married 69 years, the couple has four children, 14 grandchildren, and three great grandchildren, all of whom live nearby.

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Woodie Fryman 1973 Topps card

Player of the Week: Woodie Fryman

“Let’s face it, I’m more a thrower than a pitcher,” said the frank left-handed Kentuckian whose sudden emergence on the major-league stage in 1966 was described as “one of the strangest make-good-in-a-hurry stories” to ever come along. Despite an early diagnosis of an arthritic left elbow, this 43-year-old “thrower” was still hurling a baseball better than 90 mph that contributed to a 19-year professional career.

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